Bailey HUNDO

Bailey HUNDO

 Webpage    5/2/2014

Contact: Mike McCormack
Email: [email protected]

Greetings former volunteers and 2014 HUNDO and HUNDitO racers!

Earlier in the week we were queuing up a note to tell you about our volunteer thank you dinner and mistakenly hit ‘send’. All of your email addresses promptly and automatically populated the To: field and – POOF – our note disappeared from our screen. Horrified, we looked at each other and said "Did that just send?"

The answer? Yes. Yes it did send. While that’s not exactly best practices, we believed that despite the unintentional and wonky delivery method, that everyone still received our note. At that time we decided to NOT bombard you with additional email and to consider it a humbling learning moment. In the past few days however, it’s come to our attention that many of you have NOT received the email regarding the volunteer party, so we’re now re-sending the note along with this explanation and apology.

So to all racers and past volunteers; thanks for understanding our technological glitch. If you’ve volunteered in the past (or plan on volunteering this year), please join us for an appreciation event at Bailey’s Rustic Station from 6-8pm on Tuesday May 6th. If you’re a racer, we’d be in your debt if you’d forward this note along to anyone in your circle of acquaintance that might want to donate a bit of their time at this year’s race – we’ve got a few irons in the fire to make it well worth their while!

See you all soon – hopefully this Tuesday!

Mike McCormack
Race Director, Bailey HUNDO

A NOTE TO OUR VOLUNTEERS PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE! (originally sent Monday, April 28) . . .

You’re receiving this note because you’re either a racer registered for this year’s HUNDO (or shorter HUNDitO), or because you’ve volunteered for the event for one of its previous iterations. In either case, from all of us to each you, thank you for your support of what has quietly become one of the truly exceptional mountain bike experiences in the entire country. The HUNDO’s success is 100% attributable to you – the riders that diligently fundraise and the volunteers that keep those riders hydrated, fed and safe while on course.

Your combined efforts allow us to make significant contributions to some amazing non-profits, among them Trips for Kids, the Colorado High School League, the Colorado Offroad Mountain Bike Association and the newly formed Bailey Trails initiative. Each group makes Colorado’s cycling scene measurably better, whether by opening doors to new riders or by providing care and maintenance to the trails we all know and love.

If you’re one of this year’s riders, you can expect a 55-gallon drum of race information headed your way via email in the next day or so. Within, you’ll find course info, race day logistics and even a complete map of our new fundraising incentive program that rewards each and every rider for achieving fundraising benchmarks. Today’s note is about volunteering though, and in our experience, many of our volunteers find us by virtue of their racing spouses, friends or relatives. If you have someone that fits that description, please do us a favor and pass this email along!

The second group of addressees are our volunteers proper, both current and historical. First things first . . . THANK YOU. We’d like to express our gratitude the best way that we know how – with veggie dip and quesadillas! If you’ve volunteered for us in the past, please come join us at Bailey’s Rustic Station on Tuesday, May 6th from 6-8PM. We’re providing heavy appetizers for those that have helped with the heavy lifting for the HUNDO these past four years. We’d also like to extend that invite to those that are interested in helping with this year’s event.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 6 6-8pm
WHERE: The Rustic Station, 1 County Road 68, Bailey, CO 80421
WHO & WHY: All past and 2014 HUNDO volunteers are welcome! Find out about the race and its beneficiaries, receive important volunteer training and info, and learn about our new volunteer fundraising incentive program.

When you join us on Tuesday we’d be thrilled to tell you about the perks of volunteering for the 2014 HUNDO, including a new fundraising program that allows our volunteer crew to join the incentive program offered to our riders. Volunteers are treated with some great perks and the incentive program is 100% elective – if you choose to opt in, our team will set up an individual page for each of you and get you started off right in the incentive program with a $100 credit in your fundraising account! Incentives include tremendous prizes from HUNDO partners SRAM, Patagonia, PRANA, Scott, Mavic, Rockshox and more.

You can find all of the details about volunteering, including detailed instructions on how to sign up, on the volunteer page on the HUNDO website. Feel free to forward this email to a friend.

Thanks for considering lending a hand to this year’s race – we hope to see you next Tuesday!

Mike McCormack
Race Director – Bailey HUNDO and HUNDitO


P.S. Check out the Bailey HUNDO video trailer – with the race theme song "Roller Coaster" Click Here to view trailer. The new one hour video has been released!

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