Bailey HUNDO Registration Page for the 2013 Race


The Bailey HUNDO is now full. If you would like to race you must contact the race director.



The Fivefold Path to the 2013 Bailey HUNDO Invitational: An Epic Race Making an Epic Difference


  1. Legacy Racer (200 invites): If you raced the HUNDO last year, you are invited to race again.
  2. Online Application Survivors (50-100 invites):  Applications will be accepted online from December 17, 2012 to March 1st, 2013 at  Applications will be evaluated on merit according to two primary criteria: [1] endurance mountain biking experience; and [2] demonstrate passion for supporting the Bailey HUNDO’s dual mission of promoting youth biking initiatives, and building trails in the Platte Canyon area that both serve the local community’s recreation needs and develop Bailey into a mountain biking destination by making a meaningful fundraising pledge.
  3. Nonprofit Partner Racer (9 invites):  Each of our partner organizations has been given three Bailey HUNDO 2013 invitations to be used to drive fundraising and to distribute at their discretion.  The entries may be auctioned or raffled, given as “donor appreciation” gifts to major ($500+) donors, or anything else these great organizations dream up!  Please contact the following folks if you are interested in pursuing this pathway to a guaranteed invitation:
    1. Colorado High School Cycling League (CHSCL): Contact Kate Rau, Executive Director ([email protected])
    2. Colorado Mountain Biking Association (COMBA): Contact Jason Bertolacci, President ([email protected])
    3. Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder: Contact Andrew Goodwillie, Executive Director ([email protected])
  4. Friends and Family of the Board (12 invites):  Are you on the Board? Is your spouse/child/parent on the Board? Are you BFFLs (seriously) with a Board member?  You might be able to score one of these spots, but you better reciprocate the generosity with a meaningful donation!
  5. Badass Elite Racer or Major Sponsor Racer (~20 invites):  If you are just THAT good and will elevate the level of competition (or maybe you have between ~102,910 and ~2,731,003 Twitter followers…), we might just have to keep a space open for you and go out of our way to get you to be a part of the Bailey HUNDO.  Also, if your company ponies up a major sponsor donation, and you are also a devil on the bike, we will do our best to get you a spot in the race.


Hello past Bailey HUNDO Racers!

We have been doing some work behind the scenes to gear up for 2013 – a partnership with for registration, a website, timing systems, finish line campground, pedestrian bridge across the river at the finish line, automobile bridge across the river to gain access to the camground, fostering a stronger partnership with Bailey and Park County community members, and hiring more staff! Hopefully our efforts will show through in the next few months and on race day in June.

You will receive an email from PreRace notifying you of your Legacy Racer code so that you can bypass the application system and register immediately for the 2013 Bailey HUNDO, which will start at 6AM on Saturday, June 15th on Main Street in Bailey, Colorado.  Please register by March 1st if you intend to race and notify us if you are definitely NOT going to be using your Legacy Racer spot.  If you don’t see the code in your Inbox, please check your SPAM folder and if it remains elusive, please contact directly at [email protected].


Update Time for racers!

1. To be a financially sustainable event, and be able to remain faithful to our nonprofit mission of supporting youth biking initiatives around the state and trail building in the Platte Canyon area, the Board has decided it will leave in place the minimum racer donation of $250.  There will be no flexibility on that number for racers NEW to the race in 2013. If you have questions please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE: We are requiring a $25 donation up-front to reserve your spot.  You will have until race day to raise the additional funds ($225+) to meet your pledge.

2. As the HUNDO is an invitational again this year, applications for invites are open for from December 17 to March 1st on and can be found here.  Tell all your friends! 

3. Sponsors?  To supplement the generous racer donations we receive, the HUNDO is looking for companies to help sponsor the race this year and partner with us to further our mission.  Our goal is to bring in at least $30,000!  Do you have a company that can help us meet this goal?  Please contact Melissa at [email protected] so we can give you more information.

All of us working on the Bailey HUNDO want to thank you again for your continued support and understanding as we work to grow our small but mighty race.  Your input and suggestions are valued and appreciated, so please continue to help make us aware of what we can be doing better.  Looking forward to having you on that starting line again this year!

Rust-free chains and tailwinds,
The Bailey HUNDO team