2011 Bailey Hundo – Racer Instructions
June 15th, 2011  (
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Hello HUNDO Racer!

Three days until the 2nd Annual Bailey HUNDO, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

More logistic updates for you:

Option A: Thursday, June 16th from 5pm-8pm at Wheat Ridge Cyclery — Safety meetings starting at 6pm and 7pm
Option B: Friday, June 17th from 2pm-7pm at Platte Canyon Fire Station (Crow Hill) — Safety meetings starting at 3pm and 6pm
To receive a race packet and number, all riders must show photo ID, sign a physical waiver and confirm emergency contact information.

The gate will be unlocked Friday noon, please keep it closed with a light wire. You should camp in the general area of the portable toilets. The camping waiver is included in the rider waiver that needs your signature.
Camping is located between the finish line and the turn in for the sawmill on the right hand side of the road (driving south).  See map.  The gate will have a HUNDO (inconspicuous) sign and colored tape wrapped on a yellow pole just before the gate with so YOU will have a chance of finding it and NOT the general public.
This is Leave-No-Trace camping close to the finish line area for Friday night (NOT Saturday). We will be providing two porta-potties and a hand-washing station, but no water and no meals. You can bring pop-up campers and leave your camper/tent set up during the race. You must be off the property by 8pm. In the morning, you can ride from the camping area back to the starting line in downtown Bailey. It is an easy 20 minute ride. If you will be camping, please RSVP with this email RSVP link by Thursday, June 16th. Camping is free, but please be respectful and practice Leave-No-Trace ethic. Additional donations are always welcome!! (Use PayPal button on website home page

Friday night, starting at 6:30pm, the Romer Ranch will be hosting all volunteers, as well as Racers who RSVP with this email RSVP link by Thursday. Volunteers eat free. Dinner is $5 for Racers and guests and will include BBQ from Hog Heaven–with extra beans and rice for your pre-HUNDO feed! Remember to bring a five dollar bill! (note: THERE WILL BE NO CAMPING AT THE ROMER RANCH, you must drive back to the BERGER PROPERTY (see #2 above). Racers that RSVP will receive directions via email.

4. Parking and Bailey Day! For those of you who do not know, Bailey HUNDO race day is also Bailey Day, the summer celebration of the proud community of Bailey, Colorado! As a result, THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING IN BAILEY FOR HUNDO RACERS. All racers must park as the sawmill (last year’s finish line) and ride your bicycle back to the starting line in Bailey. It is an easy 20 minute ride from the parking back to Bailey. That being said, we hope you (or your family and friends!) get a chance to enjoy Bailey Day festivities.

5. Aid Stations: We have 10 aid stations, fully stocked with water, fruit and the full complement of Hammer Nutrition products. You will be able to travel light and drop a bag at Aid Station 6 – end of the Colorado Trail, section 2 (check out the course here!).

6. Medical support: We have four awesome Doctors from Sports and Family Medicine keeping a watchful eye on everyone on the course. That being said, I hope you will agree that we hope that these four Docs will be bored out of their minds. Please ride responsibly and make sure to have fun and stay safe!

7. Donations and Fundraising: WE WILL HAVE A FUNDRAISING PODIUM FOR THE TOP THREE FUNDRAISERS with prizes. Keep the pressure up, and we hope everyone exceeds their pledge amount! How can you not want to support our awesome nonprofit partners even more by hustling your buddies or co-workers for an extra $10 donation here and there? The Colorado Mountain Bike Association, Colorado High School Cycling League, Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and Kids On Bikes are all worthy and amazing organizations. And a quick reminder–for the $150 minimum donation you get a t-shirt, for $250+ you get a jersey (awesomely unique and awesome–designed by Primal) as well and for $50+ you get an autographed poster.

8. Course report – Looking like about 85 degrees and dry, with possible thunder shower in the afternoon.  The last 1.25 miles to the new finish area has been improved, and the bushes along the single track down to the river at Aid #6 have been trimmed. 

Donate to your favorite racer (even if it is yourself!)

Well, finally, we just can’t say enough how much we appreciate your support and your enthusiasm for the sport of mountain biking, our nonprofit partners–not to mention your love of early-season hundred-milers! We will be seeing you soon.

Banked turns and rollers, Noah and the Bailey HUNDO Team


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