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Bailey HUNDO

 Webpage    5/14/2014

Contact: Mike McCormack
Email: [email protected]


Greetings First Last (HUNDO racer) –

We’re a month out from toeing the line and we wanted to take a few minutes of your time to pass along some information.

First things first; thank you. Your participation, support and fundraising efforts provide real value for Bailey, for the surrounding towns and for the entire mountain bike community. Your donations help underwrite COMBA, and support better trails and improved access for all, with the vision of Bailey becoming a true Front Range mountain biking destination.

Your fundraising efforts also support Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and the Colorado High School League. These organizations work to bring youth into the sport of mountain biking. Through them, your efforts directly underwrite the education of an entirely new generation of riders, ones who will one day carry on the very good work that you yourself have started.

Our job here at HUNDO HQ is to make your day on course fun and your pre-race fundraising easy and rewarding. That’s been a winning combination for the trails and for generating new riders, but we’re always trying to up our game. As you spin through the information below we think you’ll find that over the last few months we’ve worked hard to strengthen our incentive program which we hope will inspire you to surpass your fundraising goals.

Thanks once again for your help and support. With your support of the HUNDO and its partners you truly make a difference.

Mike McCormack
Race Director –
Bailey HUNDO & HUNDitO



As a HUNDO or HUNDitO rider each registrant commits to raising funds to support the great charities the race helps underwrite. In 2014 we are using a new fundraising system and have expanded our incentive program to make fundraising easier and more rewarding.

First and most importantly, our official fundraising page! Click the (HUNDO Racers) link to find your name. Clicking on your "Make a Donation" link will take you to your official fundraising page, copy and send that link to your network of family and friends, making it easy for them to support your race.

We’ve created even more tools to help your fundraising effort. The following section walks you through the system we’ve built to help generate donations. It then goes on to explain our expanded incentive program that rewards each rider for achieving fundraising benchmarks.

Fundraising in three easy steps!

  1. When you sign up for the HUNDO or HUNDitO you receive your very own personalized Rider Status Page to assist you in your fundraising efforts.
  2. Your personalized Rider Status Page offers four things: it allows you increase your goal, it tracks your progress to date, to see who’s donated to your cause, and it also allows you to update your page’s personal message to your friends and supporters.
  3. Lastly, we’ve created a simple sample letter for you to cut, paste and forward on to your personal or professional network. It’s easily edited to meet your needs and we encourage you to do so! You can find that letter HERE.

Fundraising things to remember:

  1. Advance Colorado Fund Inc, which operates under the Trade Name Bailey HUNDO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible!
  2. Your employer may offer matching funds for charitable contributions, so be sure to check! There’s no better way to meet and exceed your goal and potentially line yourself up for some great incentive program rewards!
  3. Fundraising isn’t just about raising money, but about raising awareness about the mission of the Bailey HUNDO and our partner organizations. We realize it isn’t always easy to ask for money, but you don’t raise any money you don’t ask for! There’s also a little special something called "donation magic" and we think you’ll feel it when you start to tell people that you’re participation in the race is helping to get more kids on bikes and protect and build a beautiful Front Range mountain bike trail system!
  4. The Team Fundraising Competition! When registering, you were given the option to list your team or sponsor. We’re offering a team fundraising competition with a couple of cool wrinkles! Look for full details in next week’s email! Need to update your team or sponsor in advance? Please drop a note [email protected]


Rustic Station Restaurant and BarINCENTIVE PROGRAM?

Yes! For 2014 we have worked hard to expand our fundraising incentive program. It’s as simple as simple can be; achieve predetermined fundraising goals and we fire the swag cannon your way! We’ve got incredible partners lined up including Primal, SRAM, Scott USA, Mavic, Rock Shox and Patagonia. We’ll be adding incentives to the program as we’re able in the next month leading to the race, but here’s a quick peek at what we have on deck so far:

  • Hoody$250 – Bailey HUNDO t-shirt, jersey, commemorative poster and official "Your First Beer is FREE for a YEAR! pint glass from Bailey’s Rustic Station
  • $300 – all of the above plus custom HUNDO/HUNDitO arm warmers from Primal
  • $500 – choice of Ergon grips or choice of Scott helmets
  • $750 – choice of a customized Patagonia NanoPuff Hoodie (emblazoned with "Bailey HUNDO Trailboss" logo), Mavic Notch helmet, or Ergon Ti MTB or Enduro saddle, Truvativ carbon handlebar, stem or seatpost.
  • $1500 – choice of Mavic Plasma SLR helmet, Crossmax SL or XL (stainless) pedals, Scott Team Boa shoes
  • Rustic Station Restaurant and Bar$3000 – choice of Mavic Fury or Chasm shoes
  • $5000 – Mavic Crossmax SLR wheels, SRAM alloy wheels of choice, or Rock Shox Reverb seatpost
  • $7500 – your choice of carbon wheel systems from Rolf Prima or SRAM!
  • 2014’s TOP fundraiser goes home with either a Scott Bicycles frame of their choice (we recommend the carbon Spark or Scale!) or a free entree to La Ruta 2014 (does not include motel and airfare). The 2nd place fundraiser wins the remaining item.



Everyone here at the HUNDO is a mountain biker – just like you. And like you, we know that the quality of the trail has a lot to do with the enjoyment of any ride, whether in a race or in a non-competitive setting. That outbound road section has been on our list for improvement for a couple of years. Now in 2014 we’ve got a great alternative in place that gets riders off the road and into some incredibly scenic and rolling doubletrack. We’ll publish a full map in the next week or so, but in the interim, plan on 3-plus miles of amazing riding replacing the same amount of road.


The officially approved course with the USFS has HUNDitO riders sharing the course and trail with HUNDO riders until Aid #4, at which point short course riders will head south on 543, up Shinglemill, down Morrison Creek and back to the finish line via Wellington Lake. We’re in discussion with our partners at the Forest Service to throw in a few extra singletrack goodies towards the end in order to wring the very best from the experience for the field.

We won’t have that answer today, but we will next week and will forward an update along with a map and elevation profile at that point. HUNDitO riders will use the same outbound update described above. As the course stands today, riders are looking at a race day distance of approximately 50 miles.


Producing the HUNDO and HUNDitO is a year-round effort. But as we near race day, the number of hands we need on deck increases exponentially. We’ve found that the very best volunteers come from the ranks of friends and family already present to support their riders. Please pass this note along to anyone that might be interested in lending a hand. We can guarantee you that they’ll be well fed and taken care of, and that they’ll even leave with a nice pile of swag.

Should you suspect that your volunteers or supporters been blessed with the fundraising gene, tell them to check out the incentive program – it’s open to volunteers as well and we start out each volunteer with $100 in their kitty. When volunteers elect to participate in fundraising we set them up with an easy-to-use personalized donation page – just like yours!

Candidates just need to sign up online via VolunteerSpot. That’s the first step. Then they can head to the Volunteer Info page on the HUNDO site – the link right at the top will allow them to sign up for the Volunteer Fundraising and Incentive Program!

We need hands on deck three days before the race and on race day. Here’s a quick peek at the links that make signing up to volunteer easy:


There are great things on tap for 2014, but we need your help to hit our goals. We hope that you like what you’ve seen in terms of course improvements and fundraising incentives, and more importantly, we hope that you’ll let us know what we can do to make fundraising even easier


See you there!

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