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Bailey HUNDO News #4 –  (Webpage version)  2/15/2013
Contact: Brenda Dolan Hobgood, [email protected]

Hello Hundo-ites,

Greetings! We apologize if you’re among those who have experienced problems with the registration process for the 2013 HUNDO. We wanted to update you on the current status and technological hiccups. Technology can be fickle, but that is our complication, not yours, and we are working hard to smooth out any issues.

Registration News for both Legacy and New Applicants

  • Prerace experienced problems and accidentally closed the registration a couple of weeks ago, last week there was a bottleneck with their servers causing problems with registration. It should now be sorted out. If you are still having difficulty registering or confirming acceptance, clear your browser cache and try again.
  • Registration is open until March 1st (and may reopen after the 1st, dependent on the waitlist numbers) so tell your family, friends and co-workers they can still apply, but HURRY as the spots are filling up!
  • When you registered, an account with was set up for you. also designed a personalized fundraising page for you. You should have received your fundraising page in a confirmation email but if you cannot find it we also have a link to it on the roster on our website.
  • If you ended up registering multiple times, PreRace is presently taking care of that for you and moving funds to just one donation page; there is no need to contact us about that (unless the funds do not look accurate on the donation page in your account). Reminder: Your $25 registration will not show up in your donation thermometer but it does count towards your $250 minimum funds raised.

Legacy Rider Code Expiration Date is Approaching!

Just a reminder that the legacy code you received in November is valid until February 27th. After that date, we cannot guarantee a spot for you in the HUNDO. If you have not signed up yet, do it today as the 27th is just a few weeks away!

New Racer 411!

If you look at the roster on the Prerace site you may have noticed that new applicants who are accepted will be on the roster twice. When you initially applied you were put into the "application" category (i.e. "Men 30-39 Application"). However, if you receive an invitation email and confirm your invitation to race the HUNDO you would be listed again as a racer in the "Men 30-39" category.

Again, we are sorry for any confusion the registration process has caused. Rest assured, we are working as hard as we can to remedy the situation and please feel free to contact us should any questions or issues arise at [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support, interest and excitement of the Bailey HUNDO! Your enthusiasm is truly what makes the HUNDO fantastic and we look forward to another FUN year of mountain bike racing and FUNdraising.


We are partnering again with Optimum Endurance Sports (OES) as our training plan partner. For more information visit this page.


Last, but certainly, not least . . . we welcome corporate sponsorship! Don’t forget to check with your company about partnering with the HUNDO by becoming a sponsor.

For more information and updates on the HUNDO, please follow us on Twitter @baileyhundo, like us on Facebook, visit us at or email us at [email protected].  Check out the plan for an all new trail system in the Bailey area at

Thank you,

The Bailey HUNDO Staff and Board