For Immediate Release – January 8, 2015

Bailey HUNDO Fund Distribution Big Boost to Non-Profits

Contact Information:
Austin Smart, Bailey HUNDO Race Director
[email protected]

Bailey, Colo (January 8, 2015) –  The Bailey HUNDO (HUNDO) distributes $75,000.00 to Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, The Colorado High School Cycling League (Colorado League) and the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA). The HUNDO has distributed more than $160,000 during the past 5 years, including funds to local community organizations in the Bailey area.  In 2010 Bailey HUNDO founders, Chris Romer and Noah Aptekar chose the three top beneficiaries to facilitate its mission of getting more kids on bikes and building trails in Colorado.  In many ways 2015 marks the difference the event makes and its positive impact. Race registration details here:

Colorado High School Cycling League

The inaugural race series for the Colorado League was in the fall of 2010 with 183 student athletes participating representing 20 teams from throughout the state and southern Wyoming. The League completed its 5th season in 2014 with substantial growth over its 5 year history with 711 Student athletes, including 151 Female athletes, 54 Teams and 221 Coaches. The League also provided $20,000.00 in Scholarships funds to its athletes, coaches and teams.

Kate Rau, Executive Director:  

“The Bailey HUNDO racers and organizers continue to be a pivotal funding source for the Colorado League.  This support is opportune as we expand to a 5-race series, provide more financial assistance to teams and increase efforts to engage more student-athletes. It is a very powerful statement of the community’s generous commitment to healthy youth, expansion of recreational opportunities, and development of a premier trail system in the Bailey area.”

Trips for Kids Denver/ Boulder

2014 was a milestone for Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder (TFK). Founded in 2004 by Andrew Goodwillie TFK accomplished 116 youth service days in its first year. In 2014 they expanded to over 2,400. Originally the organization provided a ride program that introduced inner-city and diverse youth groups to the outdoors from the seat of a mountain bike. With the addition of Lucky Bikes Recyclery in 2013, TFK began providing low income communities with affordable access to bikes, as well as the earn-a bike program and volunteer opportunities for kids in the Denver Metro area. To date with the help of supporters and volunteers TFK has provided over 11,000 youth service days.

Dave Cowan, Executive Director:

"We are so fortunate to have the Bailey HUNDO in our community! It truly is an epic race making an epic difference. Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder is thrilled to use the dollars raised by the Bailey HUNDO and its racers to get more diverse youth riding bicycles more often.”

COMBA (Colorado Mountain Bike Association)

Over the last 5 years COMBA, in partnership with International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the U.S. Forest service has been the primary organizer of trail building and maintenance in the Buffalo Creek area,  where over 60% of the Bailey HUNDO course is located. Projects including Little Scraggy, Blackjack and Raspberry Ridge trails are the result of COMBA’s dedication to their mission of developing and preserving great mountain biking experiences that improve the health, environment and economy of Colorado through outreach, advocacy and stewardship. COMBA also hosts a series of annual events that include beginner ride days, women rides and take a kid biking Days.

Jason Bertolacci, Executive Director:

“The process of getting a trail from concept to approval through the NEPA process and actual construction takes years and thousands of hours of work. The Bailey HUNDO is an incredibly important funder for the work of the Colorado Mountain Bike Association. Not only do they fund us directly as a beneficiary they also support a parallel mission of enhancing the trails and having economic development come to the town of Bailey.”

Austin Smart, Bailey HUNDO Race Director stated, “As the Bailey HUNDO enters its 6th year it’s clear that the founding mission of getting more kids on bikes and building trails is not only happening in a big way, but it is a tremendous ongoing success. Every rider, fundraiser, sponsor, volunteer and all partner organizations deserve acknowledgement and should know that it’s their individual efforts that have led to the cumulative success of the HUNDO’s ability to distribute these funds.”


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