2014 HUNDO Course


HUNDO 2014 map

To create this HUNDO map within Google Earth:

Download these two files:

a) HUNDO2014Course.gpx.dat (Rename it to HUNDO2014Course.gpx)

b) HUNDOWaypoints.kmz.dat (Rename it to HUNDOWaypoints.kmz)

1) Open Google Earth
2) Create a new folder under My Places called "HUNDO" – select this new folder
3) Use the "File" "Open" menu to read the file HUNDOWaypoints.kmz
4) Use "Tools" "GPS" menu to "Import https://bailey100.com/files/from file" HUNDOCourse2014.gpx (Select Import:Tracks Output:KML LineStrings")

Private land section TCX file for import into a Garmin Edge 500 or 800: Click Here

Private land section on Ride with GPS HUNDO route on Ride with GPS

2014 HUNDitO Course

HUNDitO Course map

HUNDitO Course

To create this HUNDitO map within Google Earth:

Download this file:

a) HUNDitO2014Course.gpx.dat (Rename it to HUNDitO2014Course.gpx)