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June 17, 2017 – Learn something about the HUNDO


HUNDO definition. Noun. Hundred. How much? A hundo! Geeesh!
About our nonprofit partners: The Bailey HUNDO supports two youth biking initiatives in Colorado: Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder, which offers mountain biking opportunities to under served youth and changes lives “two wheels at a time”! Colorado High School Cycling League, a new resource for high school students around the state to be exposed to the world of mountain bike racing–and developing the racers of tomorrow who will ride YOUR legs off! We will also continue supporting the advocacy and trail building work of the Colorado Mountain Biking Association as we work to plan and build new trails in the Platte Canyon area that both serve the local community’s recreation needs and develop Bailey into a mountain biking destination. Become a volunteer, please click here.

About the Route:

Map A few days before the 2015 Bailey HUNDO, Race Director, Austin Smart, was faced with a decision that would forever change the Bailey HUNDO. Heavy rains hit the area causing the South Platte River to swell to the point that the bridge and river crossing at the beginning of Segment 2 of the Colorado Trail were impassable. Without riders being able to access the road to Deckers, the traditional route up and over Stoney Pass would be impossible.

The decision was made to hold the race with two laps on the HUNDitO course. Riders responded to the course change with enthusiasm. Many appreciated the additional singletrack as well as the race taking place entirely within the Buffalo Creek Trail System. The only issue with this course was its length. Coming in at 83 miles with 9,500’ of climbing, the course had to evolve.

A new iteration was presented in 2016 as the course committee aimed to give riders what they desired: singletrack. Therefore, the goal was to provide a 100+ mile course that showcased even more trails within the Buffalo Creek Trail System. The course was extremely difficult and riders commented that it was one of the most challenging races of the season (107.6 miles with 13,200 feet). The demanding course was accompanied by extreme heat forcing many riders to abandon the race.

After reflecting on rider feedback from 2015 and 2016, the course committee has spent the past 6 months at the drawing board creating a new HUNDO and HUNDito course that we believe everyone will love. – See you on June 17, 2017!!

HUNDO: 90 miles. Approximate Elevation Gain: 10,200 feet
HUNDitO: 50 miles. Approximate Elevation Gain: 5,800 feet

2017 HUNDO / HUNDitO Course Map (jpg)
2017 HUNDO Course (gpx)   2017 HUNDitO Course (gpx)  

AID station #1 will close at 12:00PM or after last HUNDitO rider.
AID station #5 will close at 12:00PM or after last HUNDO rider.
AID station #6 is the official bag drop.

Cut off times for HUNDO riders

Aid 3 – 5pm
Aid 6 – 7pm

Cut off times for HUNDitO riders

Aid 6 – 7pm


Race Week Schedule

Please note all riders must attend one of the four rider safety meetings.
There are two locations with two safety meetings at each venue for your convenience.

Friday June 9 – 6:00PM to 8:00PM Volunteer meeting and rider bag preparation.
    Crow Hill Fire Station, 153 Delwood Dr, Bailey, CO 80421)

  • 6:00PM to 7:00PM Volunteer meeting #1
  • 7:00PM to 8:30PM Rider bag preparation

Wednesday June 14 – 4:30PM to 8PM Packet pick up, rider safety and volunteer meetings.
    (Bicycle Village, 9170 Wadsworth Pkwy, Westminster, CO 80021)

  • 5:00 PM to 6:00PM Rider safety Meeting #1
  • 6:30PM to 7:30PM Rider safety meeting #2

Friday June 16 – 3:30PM to 6:30PM Packet pick and rider safety meetings.
    (Finish Line Meadow, 3400 CR 68, Bailey, CO 80421)

  • 2:00PM Finish line meadow opens on CR 68, 3.2 Miles south of Bailey. (Look for signage)
  • 4:00PM to 5:00PM Rider safety Meeting #1
  • 5:30PM to 6:30PM Rider safety meeting #2
  • 6:30PM to 7:30PM Spaghetti Dinner at the finish line meadow.

Saturday June 17, 2017

  • 6:00AM HUNDO Race Start, Down Town Bailey Colorado
  • 9:30AM HUNDitO Race Start, Down Town Bailey Colorado

HUNDO Race Jersey

The 2017 jersey design has been announced. It has a black background and colorful classy accents, the jersey was designed by our partner, Primal. Jerseys will be given to all registrants who fulfill the $250 fundraising commitment. Racers who reach the $250 goal by April 14, 2017 will receive a jersey at packet pick up. All others who reach their $250 commitment after April 14th will receive a jersey no later September 22, 2017. (Click image to enlarge)




NUENUE Marathon Series


The HUNDitO race is part of the newly created NUE Marathon Series! Similar to the 100 mile series, a rider’s four best finishes will be used to determine placement in the NUE Marathon Series. Award categories are the four NUE Series Categories (Open Men, Open Women, Open Singlespeed or Masters 50+).

Finish Area Meadow / Camping

Racers are encouraged to arrive at 2pm Friday and camp the evening before (and after *) the race. This meadow is a private gem nestled between rugged mountains, carpeted with lush grass and wildflowers with a beautiful clear running stream, drinking water provided, lots of parking, campsites and is walking distance across a log pedestrian bridge to the finish line, the venue for the Friday evening pasta feed, post race meal and festivities. We encourage reasonable size vehicles, but absolutely no campers longer than 22 feet. There is a strict NO DOGS policy in the finish meadow – thanks in advance for leaving your furry friend at home.
* Our Park County permit allows limited number of campers on Saturday. To reserve a place please contact race director Austin Smart.

Rules for the HUNDO / HUNDitOHUNDO Swag

  • Racers shall complete the entire race on the same bicycle upon which the race was begun.
  • Be kind to everyone. Nobody likes “that guy”. Don’t be that guy.
  • Your ‘Race Age’ is your age on December 31, 2017
  • The deadline for switching races is Friday, May 26th
  • If somebody is hurt on course and you find them, it is YOUR responsibility to find a course marshal and let them know. We have an advanced medical team with helicopter and ambulance support if needed, but we need to know of the injury before help can be summoned.
  • Only registered racers may compete in an event. An official race number plate must be displayed by each racer.
  • All competitors must wear a properly secured helmet, complying to DOT or CPSC Standards at all times during competition.
  • Each competitor is responsible for having their bike in good operating condition. Repairs may be made by the racer or a 3rd party during the race.
  • Deviation from the marked course will result in disqualification unless the competitor reenters the course at point of exit.
  • HUNDO IPADesignated aid stations are available for both events, please try to use them to avoid interference with other racers, however there are no restrictions on when or where you eat or drink on the course.
  • Do not litter the course with a gel packet, food wrappers or other waste. Keep our trails beautiful.
  • Hikers and horsemen have the right-of-way, a competitor on their bike has the right-of-way over a racer pushing their bike.
  • It is the responsibility of an overtaking rider to pass safely. No racer is expected to stop their race to allow other racers to pass. However, no rider shall intentionally impede the progress of another. A rider should make his/her presence known when overtaking a slower rider (i.e. “On your left. Please!”).
  • The race may be stopped by the race director in case of severe injury to a rider or life threatening weather.
  • Racers must heed the instruction of medical personal and/or course marshals attending to an injured rider or in the case of extreme weather.
  • Protests must be reported to or filed with a timing official within 30 minutes of your race completion. All results become final as of the presentation of awards.
  • Final interpretation of the rules is up to the event director. These individuals have control over all competitors, scorers, and officials at their event and their decision on these rules, and any situations not specifically covered by these rules is final.

T-shirt and Poster Design Winners

Hundo Award

Each year the Bailey HUNDO partners with the River Canyon Gallery to offer a t-shirt and poster design contest to the youth of Bailey at Platte Canyon High School and Fitzsimmons Middle School. The students will create original artwork in April.

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Mission: The Bailey HUNDO – a not-for-profit event – is a world-class 100 & 50 mile endurance mountain bike race that starts and ends in Bailey, Colorado. Money raised by the HUNDO is invested in youth biking initiatives in Colorado, and used to build new trails in the Platte Canyon area that both serve the local community’s recreation needs and develop Bailey into a mountain biking destination.


Located less than an hour southwest of Denver, Bailey offers unparalleled access to single track trails – both the Buffalo Creek Trail System, and the Colorado Trail are easily accessible from the heart of Bailey.
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