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The BAILEY HUNDitO is a tough mountain bike race and will raise funds for some great organizations. All the proceeds from our races will help kids and trails.
As a kid, your bike gave you freedom and access and opportunity. You probably associate biking with friends, getting to school, adventures and mishaps, good times and a few crashes. I remember riding to the lake, down to the store for candy, over to friends’ houses, and even an overnight school trip (by bike!) to the ocean. By supporting Trips for Kids, you will get more kids on bikes, giving them a chance to explore parts of their neighborhood and state they may have never seen before. More important than that, is giving urban kids a chance to try something new and imagine possibilities for themselves. Supporting the Colorado High School Cycling League is equally important—racing is a great way to see what you’re capable of and to build confidence for other situations in life. Thanks for your support!

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  Race Day 6:00 AM June 20, 2014